Independent student: flexible access to learning

If you have a thirst for knowledge and are looking for flexible learning opportunities without necessarily enrolling in a full program of study the status of independent student at the Université de Moncton's Continuing Education program is undoubtedly for you.

What is an independent student?

An independent student is someone who wishes to take one or more university courses without being enrolled in a full program of study. This status is designed to allow you to pursue professional development, acquire new skills or explore subjects you're passionate about, all with the permission of the faculty.

How can I become an independent student?

To become an independent student, we invite you to fill in the application form available on our page.

You'll also need to attach your official transcripts. This is essential for processing your application as an independent student.

Inspiring testimonials

You can read our blog post Pour la liberté d’étudier to discover inspiring testimonials from people who have taken courses or programs as independent students at Continuing Education. Their stories are perfect examples of how learning as an independent student can enrich your skills and your life.

Explore our offer

Browse our course catalog to find the courses that best suit your interests and needs. Learning as an independent student at the Université de Moncton's Continuing Education offers unparalleled flexibility to develop your skills and pursue your passions.

Don't wait any longer to start your new learning experience at the Université de Moncton Continuing Education. Join us and get started. Your own learning adventure is waiting to be written, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

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